We Are Now Open To Studio Classes with Limited Capacity

Your 10 Step Checklist to Get Back in the Studio

1 – Sign our updated waiver. (If you already signed in June/July 2020, you are all set)

2- Enter a current Credit Card with valid expiration date into your account. All our transactions are touch free and any purchases, late cancel/no show fees will be applied to current credit card info.

3- Make sure you have a photo in your account. If not, please send us one and we will upload for you, or know that we will take your photo when you arrive for class.

4 – Log into your Mindbody account and make sure you have selected to receive email and text notifications to get off the waitlist and into class. *Having our App is great, but also make sure you have access to your Mindbody account on a desktop/laptop or your phone for full access to everything you need. Practice signing into classes, removing yourself from classes and making sure you understand the no show/late cancel policy.

5 – All Classes are by RESERVATION only. Our classes are currently practiced to dialog recordings of Val and are for folks who are comfortable with the Original Hot yoga practice. 60 minutes are a one hour express (with a few more 2 sets than our usual 60 minute) and 75 are a Full practice moving more efficiently to finish in 75 minutes.

6 – All Classes are wait listed for fairness. If you already have an active studio package, start wait listing when you are ready and look for confirmations. The schedule is posted 3 weeks in advance and anyone may waitlist 2-3 times a week. ONCE YOU GET CONFIRMED OFF THE WAITLIST, PLEASE TEXT “Y” to CONFIRM. If you don’t want the class, text “N” and you will automatically be removed. IF YOU DON’T RESPOND, YOU ARE AUTOMATICALLY CONFIRMED. Please remove yourself from any class you don’t want at least 12 hours in advance or Late Cancel fees apply. If you purchased a class card or other package in 2020 that needs to be converted or upgraded, please email Val to work out the details.

7 – If you need a studio package, please go to our rates page to purchase a Hot Pass Membership or 5 class card. Then start wait listing for classes! Click here to go to our Rates Page.

8 – Please understand that All Classes must be cancelled 12 hours in advance to avoid a $20 fee if you show up late, don’t show, or cancel after the 12 hour window (grace period ends April 1st, 2021)

9 – Please read all the safety protocols to the right before coming to every class. If you travel, you must wait 10 days before returning to the studio. Please notice we wear masks throughout the studio.

10- Please let Val know if you have been fully vaccinated for our records. You don’t need to be vaccinated to return to the studio, but it is helpful to know who is fully vaccinated if you want to share privately with Val.

Reserving/Waitlisting for Studio Classes

  • Pre-Registration for Class is Required & Registration opens for all classes 21 days in advance. (students need an active membership or pass to reserve.)
  • Please wait list for up to 3 classes/week. Classes are confirmed regularly & up to 2 weeks in advance for the more popular evening classes. 
  • Watch the Youtube Video below for tips on accessing and waitlisting in our Mindbody system
  • Go to our hotyogapasadena.com/schedule/ from your phone or computer and save your username and password for future reservations.
    (Make sure you are on a Chrome browser, NOT SAFARI)
  • Please confirm your account is set up to receive email and text notifications so you know when you have been confirmed into class form the waitlist. simply confirm your booking by texting “Y” to confirm or “N” to cancel. * If we do not hear from you, we assume you are coming.
  • Please regularly check your “schedule” in your account to confirm whether you are booked or waitlisted. Thanks for cancelling any class you can not attend 12 hours in advance in your to avoid late cancel/no show fees of $20.  (starts 4/1/21)

Important Tips to Keep In Mind

*Waitlists: Do not worry if you see “waitlist”.  All Classes show waitlist and are confirmed regularly to allow members to reserve 2-3 classes/week. 

**Look for Reservation reminders the day before your booked classes to remind you of your reservation and to confirm your health screening before coming to class.  *Please only come to class if you are 100% healthy and have not travelled.   

***Check your “schedule” in your account to confirm where you are still waitlisted, where you are confirmed for class or “booked” and cancel any class you no longer want by hitting “cancel” 

Late Cancel/No Show: Cancelations must be done with 12 hours’ notice to avoid a late cancel/no show fee of $20.

We are currently not accepting travelers and all current clients must wait for 10 days after travelling to attend studio classes.

There are not single classes available at this time.

Please email Val at info@hotyogapasadena.com with any questions or to get help on any of the above. 

Account Login

Log into your account (or create an account) to reserve classes, update your credit card, check your class status.

Need Help?

If you need any help accessing your account/resetting your password you can go to our login help page.

Create a New Account

Not yet registered? Click here to become a HYP Member.

Safety Guidelines & Protocols at HYP

  • Bring your own mat, towel water to class, there are no rentals. We can sell you either with a credit card on file. Water is available for purchase.
  • Place belongings in any cubby that does not have an “x”.
  • All spots in the yoga room are assigned to assure proper distancing. Teachers will assign where to place your mat. There is an “A” and “B” layout to ensure your own fresh floor space when classes are back to back.
  • Arrive dressed for class or change in the restroom. Changing rooms/showers are closed till further notice. Hallway restrooms are open.
  • Studio opens 10 minutes before and closes 10 minutes after class to start our sanitizing and cleaning protocol
  • Masks must be worn at all times.
  • Please use hand sanitizer before touching the door handle.
  • All breathing in all classes is now done only normally by the nose, including modifications for deep breathing, sit ups and final breathing. Breathing will be adjusted when we offer Hot Pilates to stay normal and not “SHHH SHHH.”
  • Maintain social distancing throughout the HYP facility. Stay at least 6 feet from staff and students, and while waiting in line for the restrooms
  • Nose blowing in the yoga room is prohibited.
  • Staff or teachers will open/close doors.

By Arriving at the Studio for Class, You are Acknowledging the Following Safety Protocols

    • You are not sick, coughing, sniffling, have a fever or don’t feel well. You agree to come to class only if you are 100% healthy and have no symptoms of illness or Covid 19
    • You have not been in contact with someone who is sick or has been exposed to Covid 19.
    • You have not recently travelled in the last 14 days. Out of town visitors are not permitted to attend class unless they have quarantined for 10 days with no symptoms. *HYP reserves the right to ask for proof of a negative Covid test.
    • Please wear your mask everywhere in the studio including your mat. (*Please check for any updates on our website or by contacting the studio.)
    • Arrive for your reservation 10 minutes before class starts and the studio closes 10 minutes after class.

    Thanks for following all safety protocols at HYP to continue coming to class!

    Cleaning & Sanitizing

    We’re cleaning and sanitizing everything all the time!

    • Teachers and students must use hand sanitizer before & after classes.
    • Masks mandatory in studio.
    • Optimal ventilation and circulation, heating and filtration system, & UV light.  Our highly updated and efficient fresh air system is the ultimate in fresh air circulation.
    • Regular cleaning in the lobby, bathrooms ,practice space, and all common areas regularly.
    • Reduced class sizes & increased distance between students.
    • Hand sanitizer readily available throughout the studio.