New Year, New Name..Introducing Hot Yoga Pasadena!

If you haven’t heard, I want to reach out and connect with everyone about our new name, Hot Yoga Pasadena. This change has come about from careful thought and deliberation. Why would I change my name after 17 fabulous years of changing bodies and healing lives here at BikPas?

The reason is that in these evolving times, we want the flexibility to grow and evolve as well. What is most important to me is that I communicate that the name change will not affect the amazing yoga we all love or the incredible teachers who teach us every day at our beautiful facility. I am still completely committed to the positive and transformative healing effects of this yoga practice that will remain the foundation of this studio. The traditional Bikram method series of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises (often called the 26/2) will remain the same. Our schedule will continue to have primarily 90-minute classes with some additions of workshops and future classes we think will enhance your 90-minute yoga practice.

Another change is that while all of our current teachers were trained at Bikram’s teacher training, we need to open up the possibility to a more local training.   I am putting my support behind a new local teacher training put on by good people who know how to put on a comprehensive, professional and respectful teacher training for the 26/2: The B.Free Hot Yoga Teacher Training. I will spend time at this training teaching posture clinics, classes and giving lectures. I am excited to help and participate in nurturing new teachers in our growing community.

Our name will be transitioning over the course of the next couple of weeks in hopes of starting the new year fully transitioned to “Hot Yoga Pasadena.” We will always respect and teach the Bikram Method system of yoga and I am personally so grateful for all this yoga has done for me and for all of the BikPas students that have been through my doors. So watch out for our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts as their names have transitioned to “Hot Yoga Pasadena.” I will also soon be changing the website URL to and you will be able to reach us by our new email at .

I think you know that this studio has always been much more than a business for me. Teaching and practicing yoga is a passion for me that changed and healed my body and continues to provide a foundation to my life every day. With that said, I want you all to know that I am making this change to help the studio evolve as we all are everyday, while keeping our core foundation. I will always stay committed to doing what I think is best for the studio as well as all of you. Feel free to ask questions or chat with me if you want any more info. You can email me at I look forward to seeing you all soon in the hot room!

Best, Val