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Rethinking Preventative Health and Wellness in the Covid-19 Era

Covid 19 has changed the world. My frustration is that while this is a serious virus, the media, along with our national, state and local officials, have done little to promote and talk about the steps we can take to improve our own health and immune systems, RIGHT NOW! There certainly is talk about the increased risk of death and a more extreme case of Covid-19 if you have the BIG 3 underlying health conditions of obesity, Type 2 Diabetes and Heart Disease… >more

YOU HAVE TO FIGHT! – Chris Cuomo

Chris Cuomo made a very important video on April 7th 2020 during his recovery form Coronavirus that is 100% relevant for those fighting this virus that has affected the entire world.  It also got me thinking that the way he is telling folks to FIGHT your way back to better lung health and ultimately recovery from Coronavirus is the same way I have been telling people to fight for their physical, mental and emotional health for over 20 years. It is not the easy way, but if you want to fight for your health “Do It.” >more

My 20 year history with Bikram

and ultimately severing ties, changing my studio name and creating the Original Hot Yoga Association to move our community forward.

In the summer of 1996 at the age of 28, I had a great life with a successful career in the shoe business.   My only problem was that my right hip was experiencing terrible arthritis pain.  I broke my hip when I was 13 and now found myself needing a visit to an orthopedic doctor at Cedars Sinai… >more

Who Knew Colonoscopy Could Reveal So Much

Having reached the milestone of a half century last year, it was time to finally get my ever dreaded, preventative Colonoscopy.  My mother had polyps in her 50s, and since hereditary plays a part, I was eager to confirm that my colon was Polyp-free!  Though I was confident my lifestyle choices of proper diet, and years of hot yoga and Pilates supported a clean colon, I definitely believe in getting this preventative procedure that makes colon-recto cancer almost 100% preventable.  What I didn’t expect, were some of the other interactions that also reinforced all the years of leading a healthy,  ‘Hot Yoga Lifestyle’, have really paid off.    You may also be wondering what is going on in these photos, and don’t worry, I will come back to that… >more

Why I Chose Yoga Over Pain Pills

It’s a great time to make resolutions or, what I prefer to call them – Intentions. Intentions seem to have more staying power. Whatever you choose, I hope that this is the year that you, and those in your life, will choose to practice Original 26 and 2 Hot Yoga, to relieve pain and stress, and to set yourself on a path of full body health and healing. I wish more people realized that it is within their power to achieve better health without fancy diets or gimmicks, by stepping into that hot room, doing the best they can, and trying the right way. >more