HYP Reopening Plan

Studio Classes are paused for now, check back for updates coming soon.

Hot Yoga Pasadena is reopening in a phased approach to ensure the safety and health of all our Community & Team. The studio will feel slightly different as we adapt and evolve to our ever changing situation.  Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding!

Before we jump into the specifics I want to take a moment to share a few thoughts.  I am overwhelmed with gratitude for the love, support and overall grace you have shown me and our community during this challenging time.  Thank you for reaching out just to see how I was and to express your support for the studios survival and the health OF my family and staff.   You all got me through this because of both your emotional and financial support.  It is because of you that we are opening and staying in our community to continue offering our life changing yoga and pilates classes.

Please know we are doing everything in our power to offer the best experience at the studio.  This is going to be an evolving situation as we find the right schedule and time to offer the best options for those returning to the studio, and find our groove to fulfill our new cleaning and sanitizing protocols.  We ask that you practice kindness and compassion, for us and your fellow yogis, as you know that we did not choose this situation and are navigating these unchartered waters just like all of you.

We also want you to know that we will continue to offer virtual classes and have released HYP TV on demand so we also honor your choice to stay home right now if you are not ready to return to studio classes.  Also know that things are ever changing as we see the real numbers of who is coming to studio classes and how many others are still looking for Virtual and On demand. 

My biggest suggestion is to CHECK the schedule, instead of making ANY assumptions.

Finally, please read below so you understand how you return to the studio; sign up for classes and cancel classes you can’t attend.

Biggest love to you all,
Val and Team HYP

General Information

When is HYP opening?

We are starting in studio classes Wednesday June 17th  to Hot Yogi Club members who stayed active on their package throughout closure.  Once Hot Yogis get to register, classes will open to all with current packages.   Check any class 2 days before for anyone to register.  The studio is open to everyone with current class cards starting Monday June 29th including new students who purchase our new pricing options.

How do I register or cancel class to honor the new 3 hour cancel window?  I never had to do that before and don’t know my username and password.
Many of you have been signing up for virtual classes so you already know what to do.  For everyone, your username is the email you get all your communication at from the studio.  If you need to reset your password, try to do it on your own or email Val and I will reset it.  If they system is asking you to pay instead of book a class, you probably created a new account that doesn’t have your package associated. If that happens, email Val and I will merge your accounts. 

Can I email my requests to reserve  and Cancel classes?

How do I cancel a class I reserved?
If you have Unapp-go to the tab at the bottom that says, “my info”.  Toward the top you will see “upcoming bookings.”  Click on the class you want to cancel,  a window will pop us with an option to check in (please do that if it is before class and you are outside in line) or “cancel booking”  then you are cancelled as long as you cancel outside the 3 hour window.  Email if you have problems, but everyone needs to now learn how to cancel on their own. 

Are the changing rooms/showers open? Can I get ready for work in the bathroom?
I am so sorry that everyone must leave right after class.  We will excuse class after a 3 minute Savasana.  Everyone must be gone by 15 minutes after so we can institute our cleaning protocol.  Those who want to change in the restroom after class may stay those few minutes to do so staying mindful there may be a line and please don’t’ put us in a position to ask you to hurry.  NO SINK SHOWERS IN OUR BATHROOM.  The vision is you exit immediately after class or change quickly in the restroom. Thanks for understanding.

What if I am not ready to come back, will Livestream classes continue and how do I access HYP TV on demand?

Our virtual schedule is like our studio schedule, ever evolving. Each week it will be updated, though as we pivot to studio classes, there will be a smaller virtual schedule though some virtual classes will stay constant.

If you are a Hot Yogi Club member, All Access Virtual Pass or a new HOT Pass member, HYP TV is FREE and all you need is the link.  Your access will continue as long as your membership stays active.  Email Val for your free link after signing our updated waiver.

Will you be doing extra cleaning?

Definitely! We’ve created an extensive cleaning routine and sanitizing procedures for our team. 

Will you require your staff or students to wear face masks?

Everyone will enter the studio with a face mask/covering that must remain on until you are on your mat practicing yoga/pilates.  If you need to leave your mat to go to the restroom etc, you must put your mask back on.  Staff will wear a face mask as well until they reach the podium where they will teach in a face shield.

Will the class schedule be the same?
Some classes are similar some are not.  We are in an evolving situation and will continue to add classes as the ones we have added fill up and we have the support staff to support a bigger studio schedule.  Please check online for constant updates.

How will mats be arranged and how many people will be in each class?

We have set up the room with 21 spaces all with more than 6 feet between mats.  You will be given an assigned mat space that matches a cubby space to put your belongings.  Please bring in minimal stuff and come to the studio dressed and ready for class.  You will put the top left corner of your mat on the center of your assigned number.  (see our youtube video for visual reference.)

Are you recording during in-person classes?

None of the yoga classes will be live streamed.  We will continue to stream some/many of our Hot Pilates and soon Yin class.

Will you have mats or towels rentals?

Unfortunately there are no mat and towel rentals.  We have travel mats we sell at cost for $7 and Ufit or Yogitoes for sale ($40-$58) you must have a credit card on file in your account, there are no desk transactions

Do I have to wear a mask in class?

You are required to wear a mask everywhere in the studio until you get to your mat to practice, then you can choose to take it off.

What can I do to keep everyone safe in studio?

If you are sick, coughing, sniffling, have a fever or don’t feel well, stay at home. Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer when you arrive. Come dressed and ready to practice to ensure an easy check in for class.  Cough or sneeze into your elbow during class.

Practice social distancing of at least 6 feet around the studio and be ready to leave right after class. And avoid touching surfaces or items unless necessary.

Once you pick up your belongings (yoga mat, props, etc.) from inside the practice space after class, please do not set them down again.  Please plan to properly wash and sanitize your personal items including your mat at home outside the studio.

Can I come before class or stay after to hang out?

No. We ask that you arrive between 10 and 15 minutes before class time. If you arrive earlier please wait in your car.  We need time for the class before you to completely exit the building and need that time to clean and sanitize.  We will open the entry doors 15 minutes before class time. You will come in wearing your mast following social distance floor markets to verbal check in, take the verbal health test, use hand sanitizer and proceed to your assigned cubby and mat spot.

Do I have to pre-register for class?

Pre-register and pre-paying for class is required. We will not allow walk-in yogis both for safety and ease, but also to ensure class spots go to students who have been supporting us.  Please let us know if you need to reset your username and password.

What if I don’t show up to a class?  Also, can I just call or email my cancel request?

Like late cancelling, no showing is taking a spot from another yogi and my result in No Show Fees starting July 15th 2020.  Practice signing up and registering now.
We will not accept email or phone calls for cancellations. You must cancel in the same way you registered. Practice now!

Is there a limit on the number of in-person classes I can take?

No. But we ask that you start with registering for 3 classes a week to give other yogis a chance to register as well.   Sign up for more classes 2 days before so all yogis get a chance to register and we get a good handle on the schedule we should have. 

How far in advance can I register for class?

You may register 14 days in advance. This encourages all students to only register for classes they can commit to.

Membership & Pricing Questions

Are prices changing?

Yes. For all the reasons you already know about and those you don’t, our current pricing is on the website and very simple.  Membership and 5 class card.   We’ve optimized our pricing to ensure that members are the priority. We’ve also changed some of the rates to reflect our additional costs of extra cleaning, sanitizing, equipment and extra staffing required in this new world we live in.

The new memberships also account for our new HYP TV On Demand offerings.   There are also options for those that want to stay at home and practice virtual and HYP TV on demand classes.  Check out new pricing here. 

I’m already a member, is anything changing for me?

No. If you are a current active member your rate will stay the same and include full access to HYP TV On Demand Library and Virtual  Zoom classes for now.  If you cancel, you will only be able to rejoin at the new rates.  For this reason, there are no holds on memberships, only cancels.

I am a Hot Yogi Club member and don’t have the access to HYP TV yet? How do I get that?

Sign the new updated waiver and after that, email Val and ask for the Link. 

I was a Hot Yogi Club member before closure but I cancelled, do I get the same rate?

I am sorry but if you did not stay active on your Hot Yogi Club membership, there is a new rate.  BUT, there will be a reduced rate if you email Val and sign a new contract by 7/31/20.  All contracts are now no commitment with 7 day cancels. Email Val right away and I’ll get you set up.

I am on a Yearly Unlimited; do I need to pay anything else to return?

No, your yearly membership is active until it expires.

Will you be offering Yearly Unlimited (prepaid annual passes) in the future?

From now on, there will be no yearly unlimited packages. All memberships are monthly and no commitment.  You will be offered a preferred rate as a thank you for your support if your new membership starts immediately after your year expires. If you wait, current pricing on the website applies.

What if I was on an Intro Offer?

If you were on an Intro during closure, email Val and she will restart your intro.

I need to cancel or pause my membership.

You can cancel any membership with 7 days’ notice.  We are not pausing memberships at this time.

I really can’t afford your pricing. Do you offer reduced rates on your membership?

We are committed to anyone who wants to practice but is limited due to financial challenges.  If you would like to request reduced tuition due to financial hardship, please simply email Val with a clear explanation of why you want to practice at the studio and what your practice means to you. Lastly, please let Val know what you CAN pay per month for a membership.

General FAQs


What’s the difference between Virtual Live classes and HYP TV On Demand?

Virtual classes are offered via Zoom during which the instructor is right there LIVE with you on screen. We will continue to offer some of these and you simply need to sign up for the VIRTUAL class you want, watch for the Virtual email confirmation and hit the purple “start my virtual class” button 5-10 minutes before class stars.

 HYP TV On Demand offers pre-recorded classes for you to practice Anytime, Anywhere.

What about Guest Passes and Single Classes for purchase?

All Member Guest Passes, are not currently available.  We will update you when that changes. We will also  not be offering our Sat 3 pm community class rate, but as above, you can email Val for special pricing based on financial hardship.

How can I keep supporting Hot Yoga Pasadena?

The simplest way is to stay or become a member! Recurring memberships allow us to have an idea of revenue and keep our community sustainable. Also share our stuff on social, tell your friends about Hot Yoga Pasadena

Spread the love.

Most of all just keep practicing. Help us carry out our mission:

Cleaning & Sanitizing

What we’re doing:

  • Requiring teachers to wash their hands before/after classes
  • Using cleaner and disinfectant in the lobby, bathrooms and practice spaces throughout the day
  • Reducing class sizes & increasing distance between students
  • Hand sanitizing station before entering the yoga room and throughout studio and hallways
  • Sanitizing the practice space floor after every class
  • Not using studio-owned mats or props
  • Using a verbal sign in system





    What you can do:

    • If you have a cough, fever, the sniffles, or are sick, please stay home! This helps make everyone feel safe and stay healthy
    • Put your mask on before entering the studio and respect social distancing throughout the lobby and common areas. Work with your fellow yogis for while using the back hallway for using the restroom and touchless water machine.
    • Bring your own mat/towel/washcloth/water bottle.
    • Wash your hands frequently, for 20-30 seconds at a time
    • Come to class clean and maintain good personal hygiene
    • Cough or sneeze, into your elbow.
    • Keep practicing yoga and pilates! Yoga is a great way to stay healthy mentally and physically.
    • Once you pick up your belongings (yoga mat, towel, etc.) from inside the practice space after class, please do not set them down again. Please exit through the back door right after class using social distancing
    • Shop local! Support all your favorite local small businesses that are being affected the most by the economic effect of COVID-19.