HYP Reopening Plan

Gaining Access to Studio Classes During Limited Access

We can’t wait return to the hot room.  Due to the very limited capacity of the state guidelines, we are now allowed only 10% capacity which has led to creative ways to make it viable to offer in studio classes.  Some classes will be practiced with the teacher with simple instruction, some will be a recording, some will be streamed along zoom classes by your favorite teachers, and a few will have a dedicated teacher for studio only.


During Limited Access, studio access is FOCUSED ON MEMBERSHIP so that we limit our clients to those who respect safety in and out of the studio and understand that this is the only viable way to offer studio classes in this climate.  Due to the SEVERE restrictions imposed by the State and LA County, the value of attending a studio class is more than the value we previously offered on class cards.   To use classes from a current class card, please email Val to convert classes to use in studio.  (You can continue using classes virtually one at a time)

For those without an active package or membership, please click here to see our current rates, and email Val to purchase to assure you understand our guidelines and are experienced with the practice. Unfortunately, we are not accepting clients new to hot yoga practice.

Ready to Get BACK in the Hot Room?

Review the Studio Return Check List-And Get STARTED


Sign our updated wavier

(If you already signed it since June 2020, you are all set)


Accessing Your Account

There are 2 ways to access your account.

Go to our website schedule

and put your name on the waitlist for the classes you want to request.
(Click Here for help accessing your account or to reset your password.)

Get our new mobile app in the App store.  (Apple products only)-Search For:  Hot Yoga Pasadena Scheduling
(If you can’t get into your account with your username and password, you may need to follow the link above to reset your password)


Registering/Wait listing for class – All classes are by reservation only, sorry, no walk-ins.

  • Our schedule is released 7-10 days in advance so you can request classes
  • Regsiter your name on the waitlist for the studio Classes you want to take
  • Please request 2-3 classes a week and request more last minute if available.
  • Check your text/email for confirmation of getting into class.
  • Once confirmed, make sure to cancel 12 hours in advance to avoid fees
  • **Need to convert Class Cards or Purchase? Email Val info@hotyogapasadena.com


Current Credit Card

Make sure there is a current credit card in your account for any purchases, late fees, water/mat/towel/clothing purchases. No desk transactions.  Everyone needs an updated credit card with current expiration date in the system to attend class. 


Reopening Video

Watch our Reopening Video so you know how our new studio flows to ensure following safety guidelines. Everyone MUST follow our safety protocols to continue enjoying studio classes. 


Strong Breathing

It is important you understand that we have adjusted our classes so that there is no mouth or strong breathing. All breathing is done normal and slow, through the nose.


Receive Text Notifications

Make sure your account is set up to receive text notifications and check your email for confirmation of getting off the waitlist and getting a spot in class.


Class Confirmation

All classes will be confirmed 72 hours or 3 days in advance. You must cancel 12 HOURS IN ADVANCE to avoid late cancel/no show fees of $20 if your spot can’t be filled. (class cards quantities will not be returned to the account)  Spots available after the 12 hour cancel window can only be made via phone confirmation.  You can call or text the studio about last minute space, or request last minute space.  They system won’t let you reserve or waitlist within 12 hours.  See below for how to cancel in Mindbody


Learn How To Cancel Classes You Can’t attend now

Please practice this now, phone messages do not count for cancellations.

  • On our new app, it is REALLY simple; you click “cancel” on the class you reserved.
  • If you reserved on our website and need to cancel, you will need to log back into Mindbody, and follow this list:

My Schedule/Cancelling Reservations

  1. See upcoming registered classes/waitlists
  2. Cancel classes on the right side of any upcoming class.


Purchasing Assistance

If you need help purchasing the Ultimate Hot Pass, please email Val at info@hotyogapasadena.com.


Converting Class Cards

If you need help converting class cards to studio classes,  Val at info@hotyogapasadena.com to get started and get in class.  Here is a guide: (A regular single class is currently valued at $39, but conversion is valued at a discounted $30

50 Class Card Conversions

Single Class converts 3 on your 50 class Card.

20 Class Card

Single Class converts 2 on your 20 Class Card

10 Class Card

Single Class plus $10 Limited Access Fee


Please bring your own Mats, Towels, water bottles and all yoga supplies

Unfortunately there are no mat and towel rentals.  We have travel mats we sell at cost for $10 and Ufit or Yogitoes for sale ($40-$58) you must have a credit card on file in your account, there are no desk transactions

More answers to your questions:

Are the changing rooms/showers open? Can I get ready for work in the bathroom?

I am so sorry that everyone must leave right after class.  We will excuse class after a 3 minute Savasana.  Everyone must be gone by 15 minutes after so we can institute our cleaning protocol.  Those who want to change in the restroom after class may stay those few minutes to do so staying mindful there may be a line and please don’t’ put us in a position to ask you to hurry.  NO SINK SHOWERS IN OUR BATHROOM.  The vision is you exit immediately after class or change quickly in the restroom. Thanks for understanding.

Will you be doing extra cleaning?

Definitely! We’ve created an extensive cleaning routine and sanitizing procedures for our team.

What can I do to keep everyone safe in studio?

Only come to class if you are 100% healthy, have not travelled or been around anyone exposed to Covid 19 . Come to the studio wearing your mask and wear until you get to your car.    Wash your hands or use hand sanitizer when you arrive. Come dressed and ready to practice to ensure an easy check in for class.  Cough or sneeze into your elbow during class.

Practice social distancing of at least 6 feet around the studio and be ready to leave right after class. And avoid touching surfaces or items unless necessary.

Once you pick up your belongings (yoga mat, props, etc.) from inside the practice space after class, please do not set them down again.  Please plan to properly wash and sanitize your personal items including your mat at home outside the studio.

General FAQs

What’s the difference between Virtual Live classes and HYP TV On Demand?

Virtual classes are offered via Zoom during which the instructor is right there LIVE. We will continue to offer some of these and you simply need to sign up for the VIRTUAL class you want, watch for the Virtual email confirmation and hit the purple “start my virtual class” button 5-10 minutes before class stars.

HYP TV On Demand 

HYP TV On Demand offers pre-recorded classes for you to practice Anytime, Anywhere.

What about Guest Passes and Single Classes for purchase?

All Member Guest Passes are not currently available.  We will update you when that changes. We will also not be offering our Sat 3 pm community class rate, but as above, you can email Val for special pricing based on financial hardship.

How can I keep supporting Hot Yoga Pasadena?

The simplest way is to stay or become a member! Recurring memberships allow us to have an idea of revenue and keep our community sustainable. Also share our stuff on social, tell your friends about Hot Yoga Pasadena

Spread the love.

Most of all just keep practicing!