We Are Now Open For In-Studio Classes

Steps to Getting Back to Studio Classes 

1 – Sign our updated waiver. (If you already signed in June/July 2020, you are all set)

2 – Check out our new Master Guide to access your Mindbody account  (DELETE OUR OLD APP) and see a step by step guide for reserving classes, waitlisting classes, confirming your schedule on the “my schedule” tab and seeing where to find class cards vs contracts

3. Enter a current Credit Card with valid expiration date into your account. All our transactions are touch free and any purchases, late cancel/no show fees will be applied to current credit card info.

4. Go into your profile to OPT IN for email and text notifications to confirm waitlists and remind you of your confirmed classes.  Penalties apply to late cancels and no shows.

5. Go to our Rates page to see our purchasing options (we recommend everyone starts with a Hot Pass Membership) so you can start reserving/wait listing for classes. Or, if you have a current membership or package, start reserving the classes you want.  *All classes must be reserved prior to showing up at the studio.  

4 – Register for classes up to 2 weeks in advance or as soon as 15 minutes before class starts.  

5 – Cancel yourself from ANY class you no longer want at least 2 hours in advance to avoid late cancel/now show fees and/or losing the class. (Thanks for understanding we don’t accept email or phone cancellations.)

6 – If you want to have the option to remove your mask anywhere in the studio, please show Val or email a photo of proof of full vaccine status.

7. Choose any prearranged spot in the yoga room

8. If  you attend a Hot Pilates with weights class, please clean your weights after class with a santizing cloth 

9. Please bring your own mats and towels or purchase them at the desk.  practice mat $15, practice towel $10, shower towel $5

10. Please arrive at least 5 mintues early to keep your reservation and take class to avoid no show or late cancel fees. 

Account Login

Log into your account (or create an account) to reserve classes, update your credit card, check your class status.

Need Help?

If you need any help accessing your account/resetting your password you can go to our login help page.

Pricing Options

View our current pricing options to meet your goals.

Safety Guidelines & Protocols at HYP

  • HYP  opens 15 minutes before  class starts and closes 15 minutes after class to start our sanitizing and cleaning protocol  
  • Classes start on time, there is no late entry.  
  • Changing Rooms and Showers are now OPEN!!  Showers are for a quick 1 minute rinse.  Thanks for understanding!
  • Bring your own mat, towel water to class, there are no rentals.  We sell a simple mat for $15, a practice towel for $10 and a shower towel for $5  
  • Choose any designated spot in the room to assure everyone has some space and can see in the mirror
  • AS OF 6/15/21** Anyone who volunteers Full Vaccine status no longer needs to wear a mask anywhere in the studio.  
  • **Anyone who is not vaccinated or does not wish to volunteer their status is still welcome at HYP, thanks for understanding masks must be worn at all times in the studio, changing rooms and practice room.  (except when in the shower)   in addition,  please continue to: wear a mask at all times (except in the shower), maintain 6 foot distance and quarantining after travel.
  • All breathing in all classes is now done only normally by the nose, including modifications for deep breathing, sit ups and final breathing. Breathing will be adjusted when we offer Hot Pilates to stay normal and not “SHHH SHHH.”
  • Nose blowing in the yoga room is prohibited.

By Arriving at the Studio for Class, You are Acknowledging the Following Safety Protocols

    • You are 100% healthy!
    • You are not sick, coughing, sniffling, have a fever or don’t feel well. You agree to come to class only if you are 100% healthy and have no symptoms of illness or Covid 19
    • You have not been in contact with someone who is sick or has been exposed to Covid 19.
    • You have not recently travelled in the last 14 days. Out of town visitors must show proof of Full Vaxx status or quarantine and show proof of a neg covid test. 

    Thanks for following all safety protocols at HYP to continue coming to class!

    Cleaning & Sanitizing

    We’re cleaning and sanitizing !

    • Optimal ventilation and circulation, heating and filtration system, & UV light.  Our highly updated and efficient fresh air system is the ultimate in fresh air circulation.
    • Regular cleaning in the lobby, bathrooms ,practice space, and all common areas.
    • Even with all distance restrictions lifted, HYP is maintaining a limited number of students in each class with assigned spots to assure everyone has space.
    • Hand sanitizer readily available throughout the studio.