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We now have more spaces and more classes.
Most classes are available for immediate registration.
We cannot wait to welcome you back in!

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It’s Easy To Get Started

    Most classes now have space and you can get started right away! .(You can register up to 2 weeks in advance, or 30 minutes before class if space allows)

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    • Please read our safety guidelines before returning to studio
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    We understand the languishing toll the past year has taken on our community’s health, which is exactly why we’ve been committed to re-opening as soon as we possibly could.


    The transformative nature of all of the classes at HYP will help you reconnect to living your best life, and our welcoming community will nurture your spirit.

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    Want to know a little more about how it all works?  See all the ‘deets below and if you still have any questions, please email Val or call (yes really!  She answers the phone or will call you back)

    626-304-YOGA (9642)


    We’ve made scheduling, wait listing, and cancelling reservations extremely easy and user-friendly.  All classes may show wait lists, but that doesn’t mean they’re full.  (Most classes have space)

    Once you’ve purchased your Hot Pass, click HERE to get a step-by-step picture guide of your account so you know exactly how to get your sweat on around your schedule.

    A Message From Val

    I opened HYP Pasadena in 1998, and for the last two decades this yoga has been the foundation of healing and health for the Pasadena community and beyond. I am here to personally connect with you to  help you get started when you’re ready to get your sweat on in the hot room. Not sure which class to try, check out our 4 Transformative Options to build physical and mental strength!

    We can’t wait to see you at HYP!

    We Offer the Following Classes

    Original Hot Yoga (OHY)
    90, 75 and 60 minutes

    OHY is the original Hot Yoga series often referred to as “Bikram Yoga.” This practice is the foundation of our studio and the original 90 minute class was our only offering for our first 15 years here in Pasadena.

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    Stress and chronic pain are the largest contributors to living an unfulfilled life.  Our Original Hot Yoga classes are specifically designed to eliminate stress and build strength in your body and mind so you can feel great and live your best life

    In order to meet the demands and needs of modern schedules, we also  offer a 60 minute express version where we do all the same postures, but some only once, and a 75 minute version which offers the full series with minimal instruction allowing for a more efficient use of time.

    You will find OHY offers the most healing and therapeutic benefits in this brilliant series designed for every level.  Learn to balance the effort of the posture with the ease of your normal breathing to create the most profound experience.  OHY is done in a heated room and transforms your body and mind by stretching and strengthening your physical body and by relieving stress to meet the demands of your day and to reclaim your most powerful self.

    Hot Pilates/Hot Pilates Plus* 60 & 45

    Our Hot Pilates classes offer the physical strength you crave and the emotional support you need to achieve results. *Plus incorporates a faster pace and optional light hand weights to increase your muscle tone and cardio health.

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    Too many people feel weak and frustrated to start a new fitness routine.

    Practicing this class produces FAST results you will see in the mirror, feel in your clothes and notice in your calmer and more productive state of mind.

    If you are looking for a cardio workout that goes easy on your joints and gives you both the cardio workout and fat burning you crave, this is the class for you.  Great for all levels!   Start getting lean and strong today.

    Hot Pilates Plus incorporates a faster pace and optional light hand weights to increase your muscle tone and cardio health, to reach your fitness goals!


    Yin yoga is a wonderful way to ease tension in your ligaments and joints by holding postures for 2-5 minutes.  Meant to go beyond the muscles to find deeper release in the ligaments and tendons, Yin uses slow, long holds to allow deeper opening and connection.

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    A new offering at HYP, this class is a great compliment to your other practices and offers a time to listen to your body and go deeper inside. Yin yoga is practiced in room temperature. Yin yoga will continue virtual all of 2021 twice a week even when in studio classes resume.


    25 Years in the making and curated just for HYP by YogiVal, , Hotstanga is a hybrid series of Hot Yoga and Astanga offering the healing and therapeutic benefits of OHY fused with the power and deeper joint movement of Astanga.

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    Geared toward the intermediate practitioner, Hotstanga is led by the teacher and flows with minimal instruction and allows a deeper and powerful experience.  This practice is accessible to all who are familiar with OHY and want to take their practice to the next level.

    Hotstanga (Prep)

    Hotstanga (prep) offers a chance to learn the basics of the Hotstanga system including Sun Salutations and vinyasa’s along with modifications for building strength to the full practice.  A great way to get started and to see this is not a class about advanced posture, but building stamina and power to take your OHY practice to the next level.