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Claim Your FREE Virtual Week

Practice Our Life Changing
Hot Yoga & Palates Classes

Live Virtual
HYP TV On Demand

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Anyone without an active package in our system can claim a FREE Virtual week.  Just click the claim now button and start today! 
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Join as many classes as you want and try everything!

Look for confirmation emails to get your zoom link.  If you don’t get a confirmation email first check your spam/promotions folder and if you still need help email so we can help

NOW Extended through April 2021!

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You’ve been meaning to start…

the time is NOW! Stop living with pain and stress. Stress impacts quality time with family, decreases your productivity at work and leaves you feeling frustrated and defeated.

Build Phisical and Mental Strength

Practicing our Yoga and Pilates classes from home will build physical and mental strength so you can smash that stress, feel strong in your body and vibrant in your life!

Secrets to a Fantastic Virtual Yoga and Pilates Experience

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Sign up for the classes you want to take from our schedule.  


Check your email for a confirmation with a purple “start your virtual class” button… Your Zoom link.


(Make sure you have a free or paid zoom account set up on your device for easy access)  You will also get a reminder 1 hour before and 15 minutes before class.  Just join 5-10 minutes early and have a great class!

Try Everything!

Every class on our virtual schedule is for all levels and is geared to transform how you feel in your body and mind after every class!


Take it slow, take breaks if you need them, and have patience.  Consistency and showing up for yourself will make you stronger.


Join our community in the best mental and physical shape of your life!



Purchase an All Access Pass Membership for unlimited Virtual Class and HYP TV, our on demand platform. Check out HYP RATES


Feel the benefits after every class.  Take it slow, breathe, hydrate and replenish with high density and nutrient rich foods.


Stay consistent and notice that when you show up for yourself and your health, everything in your life feels better.

Tips, Tricks, FAQ and Troubleshooting

I didn’t get my zoom link?

Your zoom link is the same in your confirmation email, 1 hour and 15 minute reminder. Email if you don’t have it 30 minutes before class starts.  Teachers may not see last minute requests.

I signed up for an All Access Virtual Pass.  How do I get my FREE link to HYP TV?  When I click on it, they are asking me for payment?

Please contact Val for your FREE link.  You must CREATE a new Memberspace account as HYP TV is a different system from our Mindbody system.  If you have a FREE link the system should not ask for payment.  I suggest using the same username and password as you use in Mindbody to make it easy, but you can set it up however you want.  If you forget your password, just reset it.  If you do just want to PURCHASE HYP TV for $69/month, you can buy here.  

I tried signing up for class at the last minute on the app and it says it is too late?

You can sign up for any VIRTUAL class up till the last minute.  HYP HIGHLY suggests you maintain easy access to both our HYP App (Hot Yoga Pasadena scheduling available in the Apple App store only) AND your Mindbody account on your phone, laptop or desktop.

This link will always take you to our sign in screen. 

Just save your username and password on your device and you will always have full access to your account.

More info for a step by step guide to access your account is available here.  Help signing into my Mindbody account.