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Too many people are living
with pain and stress.

Stop accepting that stress and pain
are part of your every day life!

Believe the  H.Y.P.e, of H.Y.P (Hot Yoga & Pilates): you deserve to feel amazing!

At H.Y.P, (Hot Yoga Pasadena), we create transformation by serving up the most effective Original Hot Yoga and Pilates anywhere.

You’ll see massive results quickly as you improve muscle tone and strength, while reducing chronic pain and banishing stress.

Welcome to Hot Yoga Pasadena!

My name is Val Sklar Robinson, and I want to personally welcome you to Hot Yoga Pasadena. I opened this studio over 20 years ago because this yoga transformed my life by reducing my arthritic pain, improving my strength and muscle tone, relieving my stress and because it made me feel and live better. Most of my clients will tell you the same.

We’ve helped thousands of people over the last 20 years, just like you, and remain passionate about providing a community where everyone feels welcome to heal and transform with our therapeutic Original Hot Yoga and Pilates.  Watch our video above to hear some amazing stories.

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Our highly trained and experienced staff are ready to help you reach your goals and start your journey to overall health . We offer the most effective Original Hot Yoga and Pilates classes in existence so you’ll see and feel changes immediately. Get stronger, move with greater ease, eliminate stress, and immediately boost your outlook on life! Start today!

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