Hot Yoga Pasadena

State of the art Original Hot Yoga Studio Pasadena

Welcome to Hot Yoga Pasadena
Dedicated to Building Physical Strength and Mental Ease since 1998

HYP Vision

AT HYP, we envision a community of people committed to creating full body health through dedication to their physical, mental and emotional wellness.

HYP Mission

At HYP, Our mission is to help people create full body health & feel amazing through our powerful and healing classes.

Core Values of HYP

  1. Community: A community of dedicated people that respect and value each other, and contribute to a positive environment.
  2. Equity: We are committed to a diverse and inclusive community. We oppose all forms of discrimination.
  3. Genuine Support: Our incredible teachers & staff are committed to your personal journey of discovering your maximum potential.
  4. Effective Communication: We strive to be clear, concise, authentic and follow the HYP Code.
  5. Humility: We are committed to an environment of open minds where we listen, learn and encourage growth.

The HYP Code

I agree to follow this code because I want to be an active part of this vibrant community and help improve my life and the lives around me.

  1. Only show up to class if you are 100% Healthy
  2. Sign in at the desk.
  3. Set up your mat at a designated spot the way shown by the staff.
  4. Be on your mat and ready to sweat before your teacher enters the Hot Room.
  5. Our showers are for a quick rinse only
  6. Respect the space and experience of your fellow practitioners
  7. Stay up to date on following all safety guidelines
  8. Smiling helps new people who are nervous feel welcomed. Feel free to introduce yourself!
  9. Reach out to Val or our staff if you need any help, have questions or need any support.
  10. Respect the experience of all yogis so we everyone has a positive, healing and transformative experience everytime you come take class at HYP.

At Hot Yoga Pasadena, we believe our Hot Yoga and Pilates classes can help anyone build physical, mental and emotional strength because our yoga  classes transform how you feel inside and out and Hot Pilates creates massive results you see right away.  

20 Year Anniversary Celebration and Extravaganza